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You’ve (Probably) Been Storing And Eating Your Chocolate All Wrong

HUFFINGTONPOST.COM.UK The optimum temperature for keeping chocolate at its best is 18ºC, according to food scientists at Galaxy, meaning unless you have an exceptionally hot household, a cupboard will do just fine. Despite this, over three quarters (78%) have been getting this wrong, by popping their sweet treats into the fridge. Perhaps surprisingly, the company’s food scientists recommend the best time to eat chocolate is earlier in the day, between 9am -11am – something only one in five (20%) of Brits already do. Apparently, this will ensure your palate isn’t tainted by other flavors from lunch. To take this idea one step further, they recommend drinking a glass of cold water before indulging in chocolate. Learn more, HERE.

Food Experts Say Chocolate Shouldn’t Be Kept In The Fridge


Food experts are advising people not to put chocolate in the fridge. A survey by Galaxy, of 2,000 adults, found 78% store chocolate in the fridge. 18 degrees celsius is believed to be the perfect temperature for chocolate to be both stored and eaten. Experts say the low temperatures, and high humidity levels in fridges can cause blooms, oxidation, and transfers of taste and odor of the chocolate.

Do you chew your chocolate? Eat more than six squares? Enjoy it at night? You’re doing it wrong!


One of life’s simple pleasures turns out to be surprisingly complicated. Here’s what a food scientist says (click HERE).

Scharffen Berger revamps chocolate brand


Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, a producer of premium chocolate products, has finalized its major brand overhaul after two years. The rebrand followed Scharffen Berger’s return to private ownership in 2020, having been owned by The Hershey Co. since 2005. As part of the overhaul, the company has updated its imaging, added a variety of new chocolate products and made several additions to its leadership team.



The National Confectioners Association is projecting a 5% increase in chocolate and candy sales for the 2022 Halloween season as consumers nationwide go bigger and bolder in their celebrations – with some starting earlier than in previous years.