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Hot chocolate bomb

The trendy hot chocolate bomb you can get at Costco!

  There's a new trend spreading across TikTok, and it has everything to do with one of the best classic drinks of the winter holiday season. These trendy hot chocolate bombs from Costco are already ...
Chocolate beignets

Popeyes Debuts Chocolate-Filled Beignets

  The New Orleans-born fried chicken chain has quietly debuted chocolate-stuffed beignets. While the new item is currently available in just a few locations, Popeyes says it will “eventually” be added to menus nationwide. Where ...
Enna chocolates

Enna Chocolate named one of the country’s best

  Fine chocolate flavor occurs at the intersection of art and science, and these two realms are equally fascinating! The chocolate-maker must use her palate and knowledge to finesse the best flavors out of her ...
Chocolate brown nail polish

Chocolate Brown Nail Polish Is Turning Out To Be This Season’s It-Shade

  If you're feeling a little bored by fall's usual trends, you're not alone. The same shades dancing across lips, lids, and nails year after year can be tiring. So, if you can't bear to ...
Oreo monster kit

Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit

  The Oreo Monster Decorating Kit comes complete with pre-baked Oreo Cookie pieces, pre-made icing, Mini Oreo cookies, and an assortment of colorful candies for decorating. Check it out on Amazon.