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Chocolate care packages

Chocolate care packages for you or a loved one

  If chocolate is your cure-all, consider buying a care package for yourself or as a gift for someone else from Black Dinah Chocolatiers of Westbrook, Maine. “We were thinking of ways to appeal to ...
Hu Vegan Chocolate bars

Hu Vegan & Paleo Chocolate Is Our New Comfort Food Obsession

  As reported by Carley Milne on E!News, they have a notorious sweet tooth, but they also have dietary restrictions. No dairy. No refined sugar. No junky ingredients that cause gastrointestinal distress. Which pretty much ...
TOAK expensive chocolates

The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar Is Worth Every Penny, according to Robb Report

  More than a century ago, Ecuador was the world’s largest exporter of cacao, with one native varietal in particular—nacional—serving as its calling card. Unfortunately, a fungal disease arrived in Ecuador in 1916 and started ...
Neuhaus chocolate factory

You Can Have As Much Chocolate As Your Heart Desires at This Belgian Chocolate Factory

  Some people can’t get enough chocolate. Luckily, at one Belgian chocolate factory, you can eat as much as you like. According to Metro, Journalist Jon Stone discovered a chocolate paradise in Brussels that would ...
Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes

You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes, Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day

  In a sure sign that spring is in the air, Hostess is bringing back their limited-edition mint chocolate cupcakes just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The mint chocolate cupcakes are made with a ...