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Hershey's vegan chocolate bars

Hershey’s just launched new vegan oat-based chocolate bars

Hershey’s has released limited-edition oat made bars in the US. The new bars are part of a very limited test release and mark the first-ever vegan offering from the candy giant. The newest products are ...
chocolate pumpkin bombs

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Bombs Are For Sale At Target So Get Over There ASAP

When you think of hot chocolate, you probably think winter, holidays, snow, cold, and all things December. That makes sense, because what feels better than wrapping your icy hands around a warm mug of chocolatey ...
skull chocolate bombs

Skull-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bombs Are A Spooky-Sweet Halloween Treat

If you’ve ever gone trick-or-treating on a cold Halloween night, you know nothing quite hits the spot like enjoying your (or your kids’) candy haul with a cup of hot cocoa. Now, you can keep ...
chocolate blood bars

The Surprisingly Popular Chocolate Bars Made With Blood

Multiple generations of Russian children have fond memories of noshing Hematogen bars. Ads promoted these treats as “wholesome and healthy” and able to help with anemia, a condition common in about 25 percent of the ...
Hershey's chocolate mousse

Hershey’s No-Bake Chocolate Mousse

On these still-warm days, turning on the oven for a family dessert still seems like a bad idea. This super simple mousse dessert, however, seems like a great idea. Just add butter to the crust ...