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How to work with chocolate, and not have a meltdown doing it

THE WASHINGTON POST Chocolate. It’s everywhere. We know how to enjoy it, but not all of us know how best to work with it in the kitchen. Chocolate is actually an emulsion, or a suspension of cocoa solids in fat, and that’s one of the main reasons cooking with it can be tricky. So you have to take a little care, especially when it comes to heat. Matt Dixon, co-owner and head chocolate-maker at Washington-based chocolate company Harper Macaw, shared a few tips on how to get comfortable working with chocolate.

ABC’s of Chocolate


Studies report that chocolate is good for your health but how and which ones? Cacao, cocoa, Dutch cocoa, and chocolate, what’s the difference? Health expert, Karen Owoc, breaks it all down and explains which ones to eat and which ones to avoid.

Tips on how to eat chocolate like a pro


Many of us love chocolate, but have you ever wondered how the professionals make sure that our delicious treats are up to scratch? If you are one of the people dedicated to teaching your taste buds to catch chocolate’s every complexity, award-winning chocolate maker, Antonino Allegra of Afrikoa Chocolate shares tips on how to taste chocolate like a master chocolatier.

Science Says Eating Chocolate Every Day Is Good for Your Brain


Forget about an apple a day. If you really want to keep the doctor away, try a piece of chocolate instead. Regularly snacking on cocoa-flavored treats can help protect your brain from cognitive decline, according to a review from the University of L’Aquila in Italy.

Godiva moves beyond chocolate to open 2,000 cafes


Godiva is looking beyond its iconic gold gift box of chocolates. The Belgium confectioner is rolling out 2,000 cafes over the next six years that will serve a complete menu of items like the croiffle, a croissant and waffle hybrid that’s stuffed with fillings like cheese or chocolate and pressed on a waffle iron. Other items include an expanded list of coffees and a new collection of teas as well as grab-and-go items like sandwiches and yogurt parfaits.