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Chocolate Academy North America launches Academy Magazine

CANDYINDUSTRY.COM Barry Callebaut’s North American Chocolate Academy Centers have launched the biannual Academy Magazine. Academy Magazine’s first issue explores the latest industry trends, delves into tips and tricks, and introduces the latest from Barry Callebaut’s gourmet house of brands. For the summer 2021 edition, Chocolate Academy Chefs in Chicago and Montreal have come together to share a professional collection of recipes and step-by-step tutorials in pastry, confectionery and baking.

Oldest person in the world thriving thanks to Coca Cola and chocolate


Japan now has 86,510 people who are over 100 years old, breaking records for 51 consecutive years. 88 percent of the centenarians are women, including Tanaka Kane. She’s now the world’s oldest person at age 118, and happily enjoys her chocolate and Coca Cola.

Good chocolate needs tempering — a team of Canadian scientists just found a shortcut


The gloss, snap and melt of high-quality chocolate depends on tempering; a team of University of Guelph food scientists has found a new way.

Dark Chocolate, Are You Healthy?


Calling all Chocoholics! Are you feeling guilty for every second bite of your favorite food? Did you know you could actually call dark chocolate a vegetable as the cocoa seeds grow on trees? Also, it does show up on all of those “healthy for your heart” food lists in different blogs and articles. What Do the Experts Say? In moderation, dark chocolate provides many benefits for your body, from its potential to reduce inflammation to lowering your risk of heart disease. Are you not convinced? Here’s the data to back it up (click, HERE)!

Hershey claims all teardrop-shaped chocolate is its intellectual property


Hershey is embroiled in a legal battle after complaining about another company’s cookie packaging.