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Cacao-Free Chocolate Hits Market

FOODPROCESSING.COM What is being billed as the first “cacao-free” chocolate is now being marketed to British consumers by a startup company. WNWN (Waste Not, Want Not) Food Labs rolled out Waim! Bars to British consumers in September. The name is a play off Daim, the name of a popular candy bar marketed in Europe by Mondelēz International. WNWN has developed a process for making chocolate from carob seeds and fermented barley. Carob has long been used as a chocolate substitute, but the use of barley is new and yields a product that is much closer to traditional cacao-based chocolate.

Can You Fight Inflammation by Drinking Hot Chocolate?


The right kind of cacao in your mug could bring health benefits with every sip.

Chocolate is having a moment


Chocolate makers are reporting booming sales as stressed out customers reach for something sweet to take the edge off. In the third quarter, 2022, sales of Hershey’s (HSY) chocolates, which include Reese’s, Kit Kat and Hershey bars, jumped 12.6% in retail. Mondelez (MDLZ), the global snack brand that makes Toblerone, Cadbury and others, said its chocolate sales grew 9.3% in the quarter.

Barry Callebaut introduces the second generation of chocolate


140 years after the emergence of the first generation, Barry Callebaut announces the second generation of chocolate. The 2nd Gen chocolate is as pure as it can be: Dark chocolate contains two ingredients, milk chocolate also contains dairy. This new product design is a testament to nature’s flavors as well as the mindfully living consumer by putting ‘cocoa first, sugar last’.

How the world’s best chocolate is getting even better


In Madagascar, an updated approach to producing cocoa is protecting the country’s endangered lemurs.