Chocolate News

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day! October 18, 2019


New Cocoa-Pricing Method Makes for a Hot Commodity


Cocoa prices are surging as traders grapple with a new method for pricing exports designed to alleviate poverty among farmers in Ivory Coast and Ghana, the world’s largest growers of the chocolate ingredient. At a time when weakness in the world economy is hurting assets such as oil and industrial metals, cocoa has been one of the top performers in commodities markets. Futures prices have climbed 18% to £1,912 ($2,335) a ton in London since Aug. 29, and have risen 10% to $2,408 a ton in New York. Prices were even higher in both markets before slipping back in recent days.

360° Perspective: Chocolate Milk


Schools in Colorado are going 360 on the chocolate milk debate. Some schools are pulling it from shelves to help stop the obesity crisis, while others have a different take. Ounce for ounce, white milk and chocolate milk have the same protein, calcium and other key nutrients. The big difference is in the sugar. The dairy industry says chocolate milk has the same nine essential nutrients. A spokesperson for Dairy Max, which represents Colorado’s 120 dairy farms, says the dairy industry has made a conscious effort to cut sugar in chocolate milk served in school by more than half in recent years.

The Christmas Chocolate Wars Are Well Underway And Ever So Posh


Chocolate companies are gearing up for one of the biggest confectionary showdowns of the year. The “chocolate season” begins just before Halloween, taking in Christmas (which accounts for about a quarter of total annual sales in both the U.S and the U.K.), Valentines Day and ending in the consumption of Easter eggs (the busiest time of year for chocolate consumption). While the Swiss eat the most chocolate per person, people in the U.K. will eat almost twice as much as their American counterparts.

Ottoman town hosts its own chocolate factory, museum


Walking around in museums is a delight but walking around in a museum full of chocolate? Well, that is delicious. Known for its historic Ottoman architecture and serenity that you can hardly find in the 21st century, the Black Sea region province of Karabük’s famous district of Safranbolu is now home to the Chocolate Museum.