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Chocolate is edible love

THE TELEGRAPH This is the story of the single culinary product that is aptly known as ‘edible love’ and ‘food of the gods’, the ubiquitous and the delectable chocolate. It is said that the greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare… neither knew chocolate. Not judging bygones, I hope that this article will let you know a little bit more about chocolate and how it has changed the world, the way we see it.

Must-reads for every chocolate lover


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The Delicious, Ancient History of Chocolate and Vanilla


Archaeologists are discovering that two of the world’s most prized flavors have a much richer history than we thought. Of all the great debates—Coke versus Pepsi, boxers versus briefs, shaken versus stirred—few have been more polarizing than chocolate versus vanilla.

Hot chocolate: 17 tons of cocoa burns on German highway


German authorities say a busy stretch of highway had to be shut down after a truck carrying 17 tons of cocoa caught fire.

Worker rescued after falling into 20,000-pound tank of chocolate in New York


A worker at a New York chocolate and candy factory jokes he’s never going to eat chocolate again after falling into a 20,000-pound tank of the sweet stuff and injuring his arm.