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U.S. Chocolate Giant Hershey To Launch Low GI, Plant-Based Chocolates

GREENQUEEN.COM Hershey recently announced that it will be launching its plant-based sugar chocolates as a part of the ‘Better-for-you’ category with an investment in a company that is developing sugars that have fewer calories than conventional chocolates and a negligible glycemic index impact.

How To Taste Chocolate Like An Expert


Simran Sethi – she hosts “The Slow Melt” podcast, where she explores all things chocolate. And she reports on the latest episode of NPR’s Life Kit podcast, which is titled How To Savor Chocolate Like A Cocoa Expert. Sethi says the first step to enjoying chocolate like a pro is picking the right bar. For more tips, click, HERE.

From beverages to cocoa bombs: A brief history of chocolate


Before industrialization, chocolate was expensive and often only consumed by the elite. And, it wasn’t wrapped in the heart-shaped foil we recognize today. “Chocolate for thousands of years has been consumed traditionally as a beverage”. “It was ground with honey as a sweetener and the nibs were ground with a mortar and pestle, like a ground tea.” The chocolate industry was eventually revolutionized by Milton Hershey, who had roots in Philadelphia and brought chocolate to the masses.

This Is America’s #1 Favorite Chocolate, According to Data


A survey from data analytics firm YouGov asked more than 5,000 U.S. adults to name their top chocolate pick, and one type of sweet indulgence was a clear winner: milk chocolate is America’s favorite chocolate by a long shot. Click, HERE, for more details.

Chocolate Consumption and Sex-Interest


Media and popular literature link chocolate and sex-interest in women, but there is little research examining their association. This cross-sectional analysis sought to address this gap by assessing the relation of chocolate-consumption frequency to self-rated interest in sex. Seven-hundred twenty-three (723) Southern California men and women, age >20, completed surveys providing chocolate-consumption frequency (Choc0, x/week) and interest in sex (rated 0-10). Check out the findings by clicking HERE.