Chocolate News

Americans are buying more chocolate at the pandemic rages on

USATODAY.COM The coronavirus crisis has steered the national trend of conscious eating in the other direction. Early in the pandemic, Americans stocked up on junk food, frozen meals and various breakfast cereals. Now, data indicates that chocolate was also top of mind throughout stay-at-home orders and the ease into reopening the economy. During the 17-week period that ended on June 27, U.S. consumers spent $3.7 billion on chocolate, up 6.3% from that time period last year, according to Nielsen data. Milk chocolate was the favorite choice, with Americans spending over $2.9 billion on single serve and multi-serve versions of the snack. Dark chocolate sales were up 13.6% while mixed and white chocolate sales slid, according to Nielsen data. Scientific studies show that dark chocolate and other cocoa products can be a stress reliever.

Why Data Is Like Chocolate


Data is often granted metaphors. People like to suggest that data is the new coal, the new fuel for modern business, or perhaps even the new snake oil i.e. a cure-all elixir that can transform and transport any organization to the new age of cloud-native, mobile-enabled, information-enriched business. But perhaps data is also like chocolate.

San Francisco’s Iconic ‘Ghirardelli’ Chocolate Company Sign to Go Dark


SF’s huge “Ghirardelli” sign will be removed by the owners of Ghirardelli Square. Jamestown Properties, a company that since 2013 has owned Fisherman’s Wharf-adjacent tourist destination Ghirardelli Square, will remove the structure’s massive “Ghirardelli” sign piece-by piece in coming days, with a plan to erect a new sign later this summer. It appears that the years have taken a toll on the sign. It’s suffered from persistent “electrical failures” in recent years. The new sign will be revealed later this summer.

Cadbury will reduce size of popular chocolate bars in a bid to tackle childhood obesity


Cadbury are to shrink the sizes of their famed chocolate bars Chomp, Curly Wurly and Fudge bars to reduce their calorie content to less than 100 calories each. The changes come as the confectionary giant is hoping to tackle childhood obesity seeing as the bars are very popular with children.


Costco discontinues half-sheet cakes; people say coronavirus is to blame


The $20 cakes, which were advertised as appropriate for up to 48 people, have been a fan favorite for graduations, weddings and birthday parties. Measuring 12 by 16 inches, they came in two flavors: white cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse and white buttercream or chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream. But Costco has halted the production and sales of half-sheet cakes in all its locations across the country. The reason? Many people are saying coronavirus is to blame. State guidelines have recommended limited gatherings in many areas.