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A Huge Chocolate Museum With The World’s Biggest Chocolate Fountain Opens

SECRETMANCHESTER.COM Lindt is opening a new Willy Wonka-style chocolate museum and tour, and rumour has it Grandpa Joe may actually hop out of bed for this one. While we can’t promise you Oompa Loompas or Mr Wonka himself, from September 13 this magical museum will offer guests a unique insight into the wonderful world of chocolate. Lindt Home of Chocolate is located in Kilchberg, Switzerland and just like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, you’ll learn all about the history and production of their legendary bars, truffles. and pralines. Fortunately, you won’t need a golden ticket to enter, just a regular one that you can purchase.

Happy International Chocolate Day! September 13, 2020


A brief history of chocolate – and some of its surprising health benefits


Chocolate in all its forms is something that we like to indulge in on an almost daily basis. But chocolate as it’s enjoyed today is quite different from when it first arrived in Europe from South America around the 16th century. Click, here, to learn of its history and surprising health benefits.

Cadbury reveals we’ve been eating chocolate wrong for years


Cadbury. the chocolatier, based in the West Midlands and owned by US confectionery giant Mondelez, who is a regular fixture in any convenience store, supermarket or corner shop, has some advice for us. Namely: stop storing its iconic products in the fridge.

Why does chocolate need to be tempered?


Most of the chocolate consists of cocoa solids, sugar, and milk solids that are emulsified with cocoa butter—the fat extracted from cocoa beans that, when crystallized, gives the chocolate its physical structure. When melted, these crystals are broken apart, and all those components separate into microscopic clumps. When the chocolate recrystallizes and solidifies once more, it’s nothing more than a shadow of what it once was: grainy, crumbly, discolored, and utterly disappointing.  If melted chocolate is going to reset into the gorgeous, glossy dessert covering it was meant to be, it needs to be “tempered.” Tempering chocolate is the process of controlled cooling and agitation that creates teeny, tiny crystals that are evenly sized and arranged in perfect alignment. And the good news is that all this microscopic mumbo jumbo is easy to do at home, even if you’ve never worked with chocolate before.