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Smithsonian Museum displays Doubletree by Hilton’s baked-in-space chocolate chip cookie

FOXBUSINESS.COM Cookie baked in space is preserved and can be seen by Smithsonian visitors. DoubleTree by Hilton’s signature chocolate chip cookie became the first-ever food baked in space aboard the International Space Station in 2019.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! May 15, 2024


155-year-old chocolate company braces for dramatic rise in cocoa prices


Guittard Chocolate Company CEO Gary Guittard explains why climate change and disease have made sourcing cocoa more challenging. (check out video discussion, HERE)

Keeping Chocolate Sweet While Cutting Sugar


Penn State food scientist Gregory Ziegler experiments with substituting rice flour and/or oat flour to reduce the sugar content of chocolate. Ziegler says this indicates that there’s probably more sugar than needed in commercial chocolates and also that oat flour is a feasible sugar replacement. “You can take a product that’s already got some good health benefits; it’s got this neutral fat, you can get rid of some of the sugar, maintain some sweetness, but then add this fiber component through the starches,” he explains.

Cocoa Breaks $10,000 Record, With Pricier Chocolate to Follow


Cocoa futures surged above an unprecedented $10,000 a metric ton on Tuesday, March 26th, before erasing gains and taking a breather from a historic rally that has seen prices of the key chocolate ingredient double this year. The market is being rattled by poor crops in key West African growers that has put the world on course for a third straight annual supply deficit. The industry is grappling with the legacy of poor returns paid to cocoa farmers and fears are mounting about being able to source enough beans.