Chocolate News

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! June 7, 2021


Scientists discover new ‘chocolate frog’ in swamp


A team of Australian scientists has discovered a curious “chocolate frog” tree frog in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea. Tree frogs are known for their green skin — but due to its brown coloring, researchers named it “chocolate frog” — and the name stuck.

How the mold influences a chocolate bar’s crystalline structure


When enjoying a chocolate bar, most people don’t think about how the molecules within it are organized. But different arrangements of the fats in chocolate can influence its taste and texture. Now, researchers have found that the side of a chocolate bar facing the mold has a more orderly crystalline structure than the side facing air, knowledge that might help chocolatiers produce tastier confections, the researchers say.

Which chocolate flavor does your state taste like?


If you could condense your home state into a single flavor, what would it be? Chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix thinks Missouri, for example, tastes like vanilla custard—at least, based on his new Taste of America chocolate collection, with 50 unique pieces of chocolate to represent the 50 states. Click, HERE, and find the list of states and their chocolate flavors.

Willy Wonka Who? Harrods Built a Chocolate Lover’s Paradise With Its $421 Million Renovation


When Charles Henry Harrod coined his store’s catchphrase in 1849, it is safe to assume that he did not foresee the consequences that would unfold 172 years later. Harrods’ motto of “Omnia Omnibus Ubique” translates from the Latin, less catchily, as “all things for all people, everywhere.” So imagine a department store floor just for chocolate.  And not only that, but, London’s most iconic department store is selling a single bar of chocolate for £350 ($491). Never has the intention to be inclusive been more exclusive.