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Two companies had a big battle in Swiss court and now one must murder its chocolate bunnies

KSL.COM If you’re a fan of chocolate bunnies, you might have to say goodbye to one brand’s version of the treat. Lindt & Spruengli’s foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies deserve protection from copycat products, Switzerland’s highest court ruled, and ordered German discounter Lidl to stop selling a similar product in Switzerland and to destroy its remaining stock.

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day! September 27, 2022


M&M’s fans discover meaning behind the chocolate’s name


M&M’s are eaten by chocolate lovers around the world – but do you know what the initials stand for? The answer might surprise you. (Click HERE)

Happy Chocolate Day! September 13, 2022


Macklemore almost got kicked out of Chocolate World before his Hersheypark concert


As you might know, the rapper Macklemore (”Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us”) opened for Imagine Dragons at Hersheypark Stadium (Aug. 12 to be exact). What you might not know is he tried to buy some candy at Chocolate World next door before the show and almost got into a bit of trouble due to his method of conveyance. Click HERE to see why.