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Chocolate gravy

Chocolate Gravy Is a Thing and Better Yet, It’s for Breakfast

Your biscuits will never be the same. If you like Nutella spread on bread, or love your pudding warm, this combo will blow your mind. And biscuits are the perfect foil. Chocolate gravy on biscuits ...
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3 ingredient chocolate cake

You only need 3 ingredients and 15 minutes to bake this magical chocolate cake

The flourless chocolate cake is one of the greatest feats of baking magic ever invented. It's a chic little showstopper, the kind of thing that makes people go, "It's so rich, I can only have ...
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1 ingredient chocolate mousse

How to make ONE ingredient chocolate mousse

A cookbook author and pilates instructor has shared how to make a mouthwatering chocolate mousse using one ingredient. Amy from Melbourne, who goes by Amy Lee Active online, uses her favorite block of quality chocolate ...
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5 hot chocolate upgrades


Hot chocolate is a cozy cold-weather favorite. While the traditional beverage is always a tasty option, hot chocolate is capable of so much more. From baked goods to frozen treats, there are many sweet ways ...
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chocolate treats

These Chocolate Desserts Won’t Mess With Your Blood Sugar (At Least, Not As Much)

While any sweet will cause some blood sugar rise, picking strategic recipes (like these five) can mean enjoying your dessert knowing your body's response won't be quite as dramatic—which is a good thing for your ...
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