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Tool for perfect cakes

“My Mom’s Secret to Baking the Best Chocolate Cake Is This $11 Tool”

As posted in, when Katie Brown was a kid, she was always awestruck when her mom told stories about her young adulthood. Her favorite stories were always related to her mom's stint as a ...
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dark chocolate brownies

Dark Chocolate Brownies (One Bowl!)

These ultra-fudgy dark chocolate brownies have melted dark chocolate, dark cocoa powder and chocolate chunks in them. They are rich and a little goes a long way with these thick and indulgent brownies! While they ...
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pine cone chocolate brownies

Viral Pine Cone Brownies

These Pine Cone Brownies are seriously the cutest and make such a fun dessert to share around the holiday! They might look intimidating, but aren’t too hard to make actually! You can use a boxed ...
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single chocolate chip cookie


Do you ever just crave one cookie and cookie ONLY? Now you can make one chocolate chip cookie when that sweet craving hits late at night. Crispy on the edges and ooey gooey in the ...
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Lava chocolate cookies


Molten Lava Cookies are the best chocolate desserts! The lava center is a fun and delicious surprise for all who get to eat and enjoy this cookie recipe. Anyone who calls themselves a chocolate lover ...
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