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Chocolate peanut butter keto cookies


These low carb chocolate peanut butter cookies melt in your mouth as you eat them. They only need 3 ingredients. The cookies take about 20 minutes to make including baking time. The cookies also store ...
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Chocolate oily mess

Why does my cooking chocolate split into an oily mess?

If you blast your chocolate in the microwave, that might well be to blame – far better to melt it gently in warm cream first. After years of making truffles and ganache with no problem, ...
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Mississippi mud cake

Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake - tender chocolate cake layered with gooey, melted marshmallows and warm chocolate frosting. The difference between Mississippi Mud Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie? Mississippi mud cake and Mississippi mud pie are "distant ...
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chocolate mousse

Easy Chocolate Mousse With Whipped Cream and Sea Salt

This somewhat miraculous easy chocolate mousse method was created by molecular gastronomy researcher Hervé This. To make the mousse, you’ll whip melted chocolate with water over an ice bath until it puffs into a silky ...
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chocolate brownie brittle

Best Brownie Brittle

If you love candy brittle and are as obsessed with brownies as we are, then this brownie brittle will be your new favorite snack. Crisp and crunchy with deep cocoa flavor, this sweet snack bark ...
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