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Chocolate and poppy seed hamantashen

Purim: Chocolate hamantashen recipes for cheaper, slightly healthier holiday

Hamantashen have not been spared the general rise in the cost of food prices. But here's a solution: Make your own. Makes about 20 hamantashen. Prep. time: 25 minutes, plus cooling and chilling Cook time: ...
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Chocolate chip hamantashen

Tahini chocolate chip hamantaschen

Chocolate and tahini are a perfect pairing for Purim. Ingredients: For the dough: 2 eggs 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup tahini paste 1/2 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 cups plain flour 1 ...
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Chocolate dessert

This swoon-worthy chocolate dessert begins with a box of cake mix — the rest is culinary magic

Like the hot fudge cake or the St. Louis gooey cake, the Sicilian love cake is a little bit of culinary magic. A cheesecake-ish filling is spooned atop a regular old chocolate cake mix batter. ...
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chocolate cream puffs

Chocolate Cream Puffs

It goes without saying that classic treats like brownies or cookies, or even a favorite candy bar, will always cure a chocolate craving. But what about when you're looking for something just a bit elevated ...
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eggless chocolate cake

5-minute recipe: End your day with this decadent eggless chocolate cake

The texture of this microwave cake is a little different than a regularly baked cake; but in terms of taste it is simply delicious. Ingredients for the cake: Plain flour (maida) — 2 cups Baking ...
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