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chocolate cake


Chocolate is a favorite snack for most people, but when chocolate and cake mingle, it’s a different ball game. The bitter-sweet taste and moist feeling that elevates the senses is a secret reserved for the ...
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Mexican chocolate pie


Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie is made with a graham cracker and almond crust filled with Mexican chocolate cream filling and topped with fresh whipped cream. This Mexican Chocolate Pie recipe is from the famous Elote ...
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chocolate chips go bad

This Is How Long Chocolate Chips Take To Go Bad

It's probably been a while since you relied on your oven for therapy time, but let's be honest: You kind of miss it. You miss being distracted by the step-by-step routine of the recipe. From ...
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making chocolate sculptures

This pastry chef has made chocolate molds of everything from Ferris wheels to the Eiffel Tower. Get his tips for at-home candy-making.

Executive pastry chef Joshua Cain's passion for creating dramatic molded chocolate sculptures and desserts with molded chocolate elements is well-known. He previously created chocolate masterpieces like an 11-foot Saturn V rocket to celebrate the 50th ...
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chocolate bark

The Ingredients You Should Never Add To Chocolate Bark

According to The Nibble, chocolate bark (or "Mendiants" in French) was made to be a traditional Christmas candy that would appeal to followers of several Christian orders as a variety of colors and flavors were ...
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