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The Best Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

hot chocolate cocktails

You can’t argue the fact that hot chocolate is glorious on its own, especially on a cool and crisp evening. But you’ll love it even more when included in one of these hot cocktail recipes, as you get a one-two punch of comfort via the warm chocolate and hooch. Hot chocolate cocktail recipes are more than just throwing in a splash of Bailey’s or dark rum in your mug of instant cocoa; you deserve something even better. Think complimentary flavors like coconut and banana as well as suitable spirits like brandy and vodka. Hot chocolate may seem like a kid thing (and drinking it should, by all means, make you feel like one), but you can give it the bona fide adult treatment in style. Get the marshmallows ready and stoke the fire, these are the best hot chocolate cocktails to take the sting out of the cold. Click HERE for the recipes.

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