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Dr. Bronner Soaps launches Vegan Chocolate Candy Bars


Known for its all-in-one soaps, Dr. Bronner’s new Magic All-One Chocolate line comes in six decadent flavors and supports regenerative agriculture and the livelihood of small farmers. The organic candy bars are made with fair-trade chocolate and will be available in six flavors: nut-accented bars Roasted Whole Hazelnuts and Salted Whole Almonds; nut-butter filled Crunchy Hazelnut Butter and Salted Almond Butter, and Smooth Coconut Praline (filled with a sweet praline made from coconuts). The new chocolate bars are made with 70 percent dark chocolate sourced from regenerative organic cocoa beans and sweetened with coconut sugar.

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Chouquette Chocolates selling chocolate-covered cicadas — bug optional!

Chocolate Cicada

From cicada tattoos to sculptures and now chocolate, a Maryland candy company is finding success with the Brood X cicada invasion. While tons of cicadas are buzzing around outside, inside Chouquette Chocolates in Gaithersburg, cicadas are being air-fried and dipped in chocolate. If you want the chocolate-covered cicadas, you’ll have to special order them online. Click, HERE, for chocolate delicacies.

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Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds Are The Most Satisfying Sweet And Salty Snack

Blue Diamond chocolate almonds

These almonds are simply dusted with a light cocoa powder, making them different than those chocolate-coated almonds that come in boxes near the checkout line at the grocery store. While those are delicious, they’re really more chocolate than almond. Blue Diamond’s dark chocolate almonds, on the other hand, actually just taste like almonds with a light cocoa taste. They’re great for people who don’t have much of a sweet tooth but occasionally want just a bit of chocolate. They also feel less like a dessert and more acceptable as a mid-day (or morning, or night) snack. They’re versatile. While good alone, they also make a light, crunchy add-on to a lot of favorite foods. They taste amazing chopped up in some yogurt and granola, or on top of ice cream or tossed into oatmeal. Not only are these filling—just a small handful staves away late-afternoon cravings—but they’re also incredibly satisfying. They have a tiny bit of sea salt sprinkled on them, so the sweet-salty taste gives the same satisfaction that chocolate covered pretzels do.

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Blue Bell releases Chocolate Sheet Cake Ice Cream

Blue Bell Chocolate Sheet Cake ice cream

The best chocolate cake is not at your local bakery. You can find it in a carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Chocolate Sheet Cake Ice Cream arrives in stores now. Chocolate Sheet Cake contains Blue Bell Milk Chocolate Ice Cream combined with delicious chocolate sheet cake pieces, chopped pecans and a chocolate icing swirl. “A sheet cake is simple, but so delicious,” said Sara Schramm, marketing brand manager for Blue Bell. “It is the perfect cake to combine with our Milk Chocolate Ice Cream. Sprinkle in pecans, add a swirl of chocolate icing and you have one great-tasting new flavor.” In Texas, the home state of Blue Bell Ice Cream, a chocolate sheet cake is often referred to as a Texas Sheet Cake. “No one knows exactly why we have our own name for the cake in Texas,” Schramm said. “Some say it is because the cake is baked in a pan that is larger than normal, and well, we often say everything is bigger in Texas. You will notice on our Chocolate Sheet Cake cartons, just below the flavor description, we have added, “Inspired by a favorite Texas dessert”!” Chocolate Sheet Cake is available in the half gallon and pint sizes for a limited time.

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Reese’s Stuff Your Cup experience lets you customize giant peanut butter cups at Hershey’s Chocolate World

Reeses Cup

If you can’t get enough of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you’re in luck. Mega fans of the classic candy can now customize the treats by cramming tasty add-ins into a massive one-pound version. Reese’s Stuff Your Cup, a new seasonal experience at Hershey’s Chocolate World in Pennsylvania, lets guests cram a giant peanut butter cup with more goodies. (Hershey’s Chocolate World)

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Breads Bakery Chocolate Babka

Chocolate babka

The babka from Breads Bakery in New York City is legendary, and for good reason. They bake them all day, every day, using French cultured butter, Nutella and Belgian dark chocolate chips. These are shipped via Goldbelly just a few hours after they’re taken out of the oven, so that they arrive fresh. This 3-pack ensures you’ll have enough to gift at the family brunch and save one for yourself. Buy it, here, for $49.95 for a 3-pack.

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André’s Engadiner Nut Torte

Andres chocolate torte

This decadent dessert is a traditional specialty from Engadine, Switzerland. It’s made with roasted pecans and creamy caramel, which are baked between layers of buttery sugar dough. The torte is then sliced and covered in Swiss milk or dark chocolate. It’s a dessert that’s not commonly found in dessert shops in the U.S., and the version from André’s is definitely worth a try. Find it at for $58.

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Maman Homemade Cookie Dough Kit

Chocolate cookie dough

Maman’s Nutty Chocolate Chip cookies are some of the best out there (gooey, chocolatey, delicious), and you can enjoy them straight out of the oven with this cookie dough set. You get two dough logs per package (enough to make 20-24 cookies) and you have the option to mix and match flavors like Nutty Chocolate Chip, Salted Nutella Crunch and Brown Butter Coconut Oatmeal. The cookie dough is made to order and this gift comes packaged in a cute blue and white box tied with twine. You can find it at for $49.

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Kokak Chocolates D.I.Y. Single Origin Brownie Flight

Chocolate brownies

Treat yourself to a brownie tasting that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. The gift set includes four different single origin brownies, a bamboo tasting board and a tasting guide. The brownies are made with single origin, organic milk and dark chocolate from the Esmeraldas and Manabí provinces in Ecuador. Find them at for $50.

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Guittard Chocolate Launches New Line of Alternative Sugar Chocolates

Guittard alternative chocolate

Family-owned Guittard Chocolate Company, the San Francisco-based premium chocolate company with a more than 150-year history of crafting exceptional chocolate and cocoa, announces the launch of its new Beyond Sugar chocolate—a line designed to unite the artistry of chocolate making with evolving dietary awareness. The keto- and paleo-friendly line includes a new innovative baking chip sweetened with organic coconut sugar, in addition to a reimagined Guittard 100% cacao chocolate chip that celebrates cacao’s naturally bold character. Guittard’s Beyond Sugar line will be available for purchase directly through beginning March 2021 and at Whole Foods Market stores and other retailers nationwide beginning this summer.

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Necco Chocolate Wafer Rolls are Back!

Necco Wafers

Spangler Candy Company announced today the return of the iconic Necco Chocolate Wafer Roll, available online and in-store this spring. An established fan-favorite since 1847, Necco Wafers have stood the test of time as one of the oldest candy brands in existence. While the Original rolls offer eight different flavors and colors, when consumers unwrap the Chocolate Roll, they will delight in finding 40 all-chocolate wafers for their enjoyment. Since their inception, Necco Wafers have been enjoyed by fans of all ages. They were even carried by soldiers during the Civil War and also sustained explorers on expeditions to the North and South Poles in the early 1900s. During World War II, the U.S. government requisitioned a major portion of Necco Wafers production for morale boosting. The candy was perfect for shipping to troops overseas since it doesn’t melt and is easy to carry. Today, the Chocolate Rolls are available for purchase in single rolls or 24 count trays online at and will be available at select retailers this spring.

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These Chocolate Eggs Are Made With Baileys Irish Cream And Are Ideal For Adult Easter Baskets

Baileys mini eggs

Baileys Irish Cream is a staple of the springtime and these chocolates include the familiar rich taste of the drink. The mini eggs come in nine-count boxes and feature a dusting of gold on the outer chocolate shell to make them look just as festive as the foil-wrapped chocolates you know and love. Similar to a chocolate truffle, these eggs have a hard outer shell and a creamy center that is flavored with Baileys. Of course, the inclusion of Irish Cream means these chocolates are meant for those 21 and older and the box itself labels them as a “grown-up treat.” You can buy boxes of these chocolates from Carrolls Irish Gifts for for $12. For those that want something even more special, the site also sells a Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg that weighs in at almost half a pound.

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The Best Chocolate & Mint Cookies

Chocolate and mint cookies

Alexia Castellon, Entertainment Editor on NW The Website, asked around which brand of chocolate mint cookies people ate. The most common ones are: Girl Scouts Thin Mints, Oreo Thins Mint Flavor Creme and Keebler Grasshopper Mint & Fudge. After that, she put together a team of cookie enthusiasts and rated the cookies on a scale of 1-5 based on taste, texture, appearance and overall cookie experience. Click, HERE, for the results!

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Ghirardelli launches low sugar and no sugar chocolate baking chips

Ghirardelli chocolate baking chips

Ghirardelli has launched two new better-for-you baking chips. The 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips are now made with 50% less sugar and the 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Chips have no sugar. “Now, consumers can enjoy premium chocolate while reducing or adjusting the overall sugar in any recipe to control their desired sweetness,” the company said. Ghirardelli said the 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips “are made with high quality cocoa beans, real vanilla and 50% less sugar than Ghirardelli’s popular semi-sweet baking chips. With no sugar added, the 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Chips are a true blank canvas for a baking creation.”

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Hershey unveils organic Reese’s cups, chocolate bars set to hit shelves this month

Organic Reeses cups

The famous chocolate company of central Pennsylvania is unveiling options that allow nearly every chocolate lover to enjoy. Hershey’s announced the sale of organic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Bars. “The Reese’s brand is quite literally finding ways for everyone to enjoy that same sought-after taste only achieved with a true and unmatched Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter combination,” the Hershey Company said in a release. They’ll be available in milk and dark chocolate, and certified organic by the U.S.D.A. The organic sweet treats will not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well.

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Vegan Chocolate Race Heats Up as Nestle Plans Rice-Based KitKat

Vegan Kit Kat


Nestle SA is adding its first vegan milk chocolate to its products as the world’s biggest food company expands beyond meat alternatives. The Swiss food giant will start offering plant-based KitKat bars this year, called KitKat V, according to Alexander von Maillot, head of Nestle’s confectionery business. The product will be for sale online and at selected stores in a handful of markets including the U.K. as a test run before a possible wider rollout. The bar, which uses a rice-based formula as a milk substitute, took about two years to develop. The main challenge in making alternatives to milk chocolate is ensuring it blends well with cocoa and sugar for a creamy texture. Other substitutes, such as soy or almond formulas, can create off-notes, von Maillot said.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Most Artistic Chocolate Gift Boxes

Valentines Day chocolate box


Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. That said, not all chocolate is created equal, and when it comes to impressing your loved one why wouldn’t you want to get them the best? Presentation is a big one for this day of romance, so surprise your significant other with a box of chocolates that’s not only delicious and indulgent, but also handcrafted and artfully designed. Click HERE to see a selection of high quality chocolates that are as tasty as they are visually appealing — guaranteed show stoppers.

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Win Over Hearts this Valentine’s Day with Baskin-Robbins’ New Box of Chocolates Ice Cream Cake and February Offerings


Move over, Cupid, Baskin-Robbins’ sweet February offerings, including the new Box of Chocolates Cake and the Flavor of the Month, Love Potion #31®, are sure to win hearts this Valentine’s Day. The only thing better than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day is Baskin-Robbins’ adorable new Box of Chocolates Cake. Designed to look just like a classic heart-shaped candy box – complete with real milk chocolate candies – this customizable cake can be easily mistaken for the real thing. But don’t let the design fool you, it’s made-to-order with your favorite ice cream flavor, topped with a layer of rich fudge and adorned with an assortment of milk chocolate candies. Baskin-Robbins is also bringing back a Valentine’s Day favorite flavor, Love Potion #31®. Featuring raspberry-filled chocolate-flavored hearts and chocolate-flavored chips, swirled with a raspberry ribbon in a white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, February’s Flavor of the Month is a Valentine’s Day classic. Delicious in a scoop, cone or milkshake, this beloved flavor can be added to the new Box of Chocolates Cake or returning cake designs, like the Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cake or Valentine’s Day Heart Cone Cake.

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Artisanal chocolate shops create bite-sized edible works of art

Artistic chocolates


When it comes to candy making, two Buffalo chocolatiers want to do more than satisfy your sweet tooth – they want to create individual works of art, too. Blue Table Chocolates and the Sweet Whisk create artisanal chocolates defined by their hard-shell exterior, hand-painted designs and carefully curated ganache or jelly fillings. Some call them truffles, others, bonbons – most would agree to call them delicious. Blue Table Chocolates is known for its out-there combinations like blueberry-sake, raspberry jasmine and cashew cardamom thanks to owner Ben Johnson interest in going beyond the ordinary. Husband and wife team Amanda Page and Kenny Williams founded their boutique chocolate and pastry shop the Sweet Whisk after they were inspired by a trip to Paris where they “fell in love with all the pastries, and chocolate, and everything over there,” Page said. Check out their websites  at and at

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Message in a Chocolate Box

Message in chocolate box


Here’s an invitation to consume an entire box of chocolates. Truffolie, from the chocolatier Wendy-Dawn Wintcentsen, is offering assortments of 12 or 24 heart-shaped bonbons, with an optional custom message in the box, tucked letter-by-letter under the chocolates. Of course, you could just peek and then eat or share the chocolates one at a time. There are three flavors: Carla, with dark chocolate and hazelnuts; Benni, white chocolate with assorted nuts; and Bing, white and dark chocolate with a layer of strawberry. Truffolie chocolates, 12 for $40, 24 for $75,

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Baskin-Robbins Rings in 2021 with a New Trio of Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream Bliss

BR triple chocolate ice cream


After a year like 2020, Baskin-Robbins wants you to embrace your love for chocolate and indulge in a decadent chocolate experience with Baskin-Robbins’ January Flavor of the Month, Chocolate Trilogy, that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. A delightfully unique flavor with white, Belgian and malted chocolate-flavored ice cream, Chocolate Trilogy is an explosion of chocolatey goodness, swirled to creamy perfection. A match made in ice cream heaven, each unforgettable spoonful brings together the toasted, earthy notes of malted chocolate flavor, the buttery, sweet flavor of white chocolate, and the classically delicious, milky flavor of Belgian chocolate. If you are a chocoholic, this decadent flavor will be at the top of your list to indulge in.

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The best vegan chocolate

Vegan chocolate


The range and quality of vegan chocolate is increasing with all manner of dairy alternatives now being used, from nut milks, to rice milks and coconut cream. Whether you’re dairy-free out of choice or not, that shouldn’t mean you’re deprived of the most indulgent and delicious chocolate treats. Good Housekeeping’s Food specialist Alex Hale has scoured the shelves and web to bring you her favorite vegan chocolate. Included is everything from smooth and creamy vegan white and milk chocolate to bittersweet and sophisticated dark chocolate. There’s something for everyone with all manner of flavors and fillings, not to mention a few vegan chocolate desserts. Many of these delicious recommendations are also either ‘raw’, unrefined or gluten-free too! Click, here, to discover the best vegan chocolate available to buy now.

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Thomas Keller’s Olive Oil-Infused Hot Chocolate Might Be This Winter’s Most Delicious Indulgence

Oil fused hot chocolate


While most wouldn’t consider olive oil and chocolate a natural pairing, Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller and olive oil producer Armando Manni beg to differ. The pair launched K+M Extravirgin Chocolate a few short years ago as a lineup of chocolate bars infused with rich olive oil. Now, the brand is expanding the offering to include a lush hot chocolate perfect for getting you through the chilly winter months. Blended in California’s Napa Valley, the hot chocolate mix uses the very same high-quality beans found in each of the brand’s bars. The beverage is reported to have the same rich flavor profile as its solid counterpart, with an added dash of creaminess and nuttiness to round things out. Every element has been calibrated by the brand’s chocolatiers to achieve a cup of hot chocolate worthy of Keller’s famously high standards. The antioxidants in olive oil and chocolate are different. Chocolate has flavanols, where olive oil has polyphenols. The polyphenols create a synergy with chocolate’s flavanols that makes the antioxidants more available to your body. Health benefits aside, the combination leads to a richer, more velvety texture that also translates to the company’s hot chocolate. Truly the best of both worlds. A 14oz bag of K+M Extravirgin hot chocolate serves 10 and is available for $24.

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M&M’s Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Mix Milk Chocolate Candies are here!


Give your valentine M&M’S Candy made with milk chocolate crunchy candy shell. Pink, red and white M&M’S Valentine’s Day candy is perfect for candy buffets and Valentine’s Day parties. Share chocolate Valentine’s Day candy with the M&M’S Candy lovers in your life. Bake delicious festive desserts with milk chocolate candy. You can find these at Target and other retail stores.

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better-sex chocolate


Premium vegan chocolate brand Eat Gold Organics has created chocolate bars with wellness-boosting ingredients for adults. Each bar ($13) in the eight-product lineup is infused with adaptogens and nootropics and serves its own purpose—each inspired by adults’ basic needs—such as “Be Happy” for good vibes, “Big Orgasm” for better sex, “Immune Shroom” for an immunity boost, “Menopausal Goddess” for hot flashes, and “Sweet Dreams” for better sleep. To create the chocolate bars, Milbradt worked with alchemists, nutritionists, herbalists, and chocolatiers to formulate recipes that ensure their wellness-boosting benefits. Eat Gold chocolate bars are available for shipping nationwide through the brand’s website.

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When it comes to sugar, not all chocolates are created equal

low sugar chocolate


These rather delicious chocolate bonbons by Aurosó that are so low in sugar – just over a gram per bonbon – you can really enjoy them without worry. Each is a perfect, beautiful shell of 90% Madagascan chocolate containing variously flavored ganaches all with honey as a common factor. So, although the chocolates are dairy free they are not vegan friendly.

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The Mint Chocolate Shake Makes Its Way Back To Select Arby’s Locations

Arbys chocolate mint shake


Arby’s Mint Chocolate Shake is back at select locations for a limited time. The Mint Chocolate Shake is a mint chocolate-flavored shake that’s finished with a whipped topping, real Andes candy pieces, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. The seasonal fan-favorite treat is available at select Arby’s locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Popeyes adds ’New Orleans-style’ chocolate beignets to its menu

Popeyes beignets


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is taking its dessert options to the next level this holiday season. The fast-food chain announced that it is adding chocolate beignets to its menu nationwide. The beignets are a deep-fried pastry stuffed with Hershey’s chocolate and covered in powder sugar. The dessert is a famous staple of New Orleans, where Popeyes was founded, although the chain now is headquartered in Miami.

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The Best Fancy Chocolate Bars

Fancy Chocolate bars


No matter who you’re shopping for (even if you’re treating yourself), you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Craft chocolate bars make an excellent gift, as they’re often packaged in beautiful boxes that don’t require extra gift wrapping and offer a sweet indulgence to the lucky gift recipient. From single origin dark chocolate bars to creations featuring fun inclusions like doughnuts and cereal, these are the best fancy chocolate bars to gift this holiday season. Check out these suggestions, click here.

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15 of the Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes to Gift Family and Friends (Or, You Know, Yourself)


Feel like you could use a little bit of comfort delivered to your doorstep these days? Fortunately, you can have exactly that, if you sign up for a chocolate subscription box—an ingenious service that sends a steady supply of high-quality chocolate straight to your home, so you can eat your feelings whenever you want.  Yep, there’s a subscription box for everything. However, there is an overwhelming number of options out there, so a little guidance might go a long way to helping you select the package that best satisfies your sweet tooth. Just pick one of these winners, (click here), and you’ll be able to curl up with scrumptious chocolate on the regular.

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The Best Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark chocolate truffles


Chocolate should be your go-to gift this holiday season as chocolatiers report a pandemic-driven run on chocolate, especially ones that evoke nostalgia. It’s no surprise that chocolates that inspire warm, positive memories are so popular during such a trying time. Says Wendy Lieu, co-owner of Socola Chocolates, “Taste and smell have a visceral power to transport people to memories when they felt safe, seen, and loved.” She’s right on—transport your loved ones with these sumptuous, silken dark chocolate offerings. Click, here, for the Holiday Gift Guide for the “best dark chocolate truffles”.

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The trendy hot chocolate bomb you can get at Costco!

Hot chocolate bomb


There’s a new trend spreading across TikTok, and it has everything to do with one of the best classic drinks of the winter holiday season. These trendy hot chocolate bombs from Costco are already getting people excited for a mug. It’s the perfect way to snuggle up for a cozy winter night. Whether you prefer hot chocolate or hot cocoa, this product combines both into one, and it’s oh-so-satisfying to watch. Those who love a good bath bomb will love this new Costco item — which is essentially an edible version — even more. Glamour states that the Cocoa Bombs are simply chocolate spheres that melt in warm milk. Once the chocolate subsides, it releases hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and other flavors and treats into your mug. It’s certainly a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy a chocolatey beverage. According to Delish, each 16-count box is only $19, making them a little more than $1 each. Each bomb is festively wrapped in red, green, gold, or silver foil, so these small treats could be the perfect hostess gift to stock up on before the holiday season begins. Though you might think it’s hard to beat classic hot cocoa, there are actually a few different flavors in the boxes of bombs. The variety box includes flavors such as milk chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, and s’mores. The only thing you might want to pick up to add to your cup once it’s all mixed together is some whipped cream.

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Popeyes Debuts Chocolate-Filled Beignets

Chocolate beignets


The New Orleans-born fried chicken chain has quietly debuted chocolate-stuffed beignets. While the new item is currently available in just a few locations, Popeyes says it will “eventually” be added to menus nationwide. Where they are reportedly on the menu, at restaurants in and around Boston, Massachusetts, the fried-to-order beignets come in three-, six-, and 12-piece options for $1.99, $3.99, and $7.49, respectively (though prices may be different when they are added elsewhere). There’s no word yet on when the new dessert will be available in locations nationwide or if they will be a temporary or permanent addition.

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Enna Chocolate named one of the country’s best

Enna chocolates


Fine chocolate flavor occurs at the intersection of art and science, and these two realms are equally fascinating! The chocolate-maker must use her palate and knowledge to finesse the best flavors out of her beans: balancing acidity, astringency, bitterness, earthiness, and other elements. And Enna Chocolate does just that. Enna Grazier, in Megan Giller’s new book, “Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revival”, was named one of the country’s top 50 bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Check out Enna Chocolate at

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Chocolate Brown Nail Polish Is Turning Out To Be This Season’s It-Shade

Chocolate brown nail polish


If you’re feeling a little bored by fall’s usual trends, you’re not alone. The same shades dancing across lips, lids, and nails year after year can be tiring. So, if you can’t bear to look at wine-colored manicure or another pumpkin-colored anything, you’ll be pleased to know chocolate brown nail polish will never let you down. Far from boring, this shade will easily last you through the rest of 2020.

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14 ‘Healthy’ Chocolate Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

14 best healthy chocolates


Made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, chocolate has been shown to stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and serotonin. Thus, it’s no surprise that you may find yourself craving a chocolatey snack from time to time. However, not all chocolate products are created equal. Many are high in calories, added sugars, and highly processed ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple chocolate bar or something crunchy to munch on, when buying a chocolate snack, you want to consider the product’s nutritional content and ingredient quality. The products on this list were selected based on the following criteria: nutritional content, ingredient quality, additive content, such as preservatives and artificial flavors and colors, and taste. Click, here, to see the list of the 14 best “healthy” chocolate snacks to satisfy your sweets cravings.

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Guittard Chocolate Company Announces Launch of New “Mindful Choices” Chocolate

Guittard Mindful Choices Chocolate


Family-owned Guittard Chocolate Company, the San Francisco-based premium chocolate company with a more than 150-year history of crafting exceptional chocolate and cocoa, announces the launch of its new Mindful Choices chocolate—a new line designed to unite the artistry of chocolate with evolving dietary awareness. The new Mindful Choices collection introduces Beyond Sugar, an innovative new series of chocolate crafted with sugar alternatives, and includes Absolute Chocolate, a selection of classic Guittard products that celebrate cacao’s naturally bold character. The new line aims to expand possibilities in both flavor and function while providing solutions to customers interested in suiting a wide range of dietary preferences and needs. Guittard’s Mindful Choices line will be available for purchase directly through Guittard and its distributors beginning in September 2020. Click, here, to see various options.

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Walmart’s Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough Will Make All Your Holiday Dreams Come True


It’s never to early to celebrate the holidays! If you’re a fan of cookie dough and the holidays, you’re having a moment. Pillsbury is officially bringing back its salted caramel apple, pumpkin, and hot cocoa cookie dough in its new safe-to-eat raw formula. And Walmart is hopping on the frozen cookie dough train, too. It’s only August, but ready-to-bake holiday cookie dough from Great Value has already been spotted in Walmart freezers. The hot chocolate dough contains marshmallow bits, and the packaging has an image of a reindeer pulling a sleigh. The red velvet dough contains cream cheese bits, and the box has a photo of none other than Santa Claus himself. It’s never too early to celebrate the holidays. If you agree to disagree, you can grab Great Value’s new triple chocolate frozen cookie dough instead.

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Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies for All You Nutella Lovers

Oreo Hazelnut cookies


It looks like the Oreo Java Chip cookies aren’t the only new flavor we have to look forward to. Nabisco is launching a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, so it’s basically like you’re eating Nutella cookies (and what could be better than that?). The Oreo team has confirmed that the Chocolate Hazelnut cookies — and the Java Chip variety — will be hitting stores in January 2021. Yes, that seems like it’s forever away, but at least we’ll have a couple tasty treats waiting for us after the holiday season. Plus, they’ll both be joining Oreo’s line of permanent flavors, so we’ll take them as a belated Christmas gift.

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30 Products That Prove Peanut Butter And Chocolate Are The #1 Couple

Chocolate and peanut butter combo


A gourmet nutty cups subscription, as pictured here, because “yes!”, it would be quite lovely to get a box of these shipped to your door every month, is just one of 30 products that prove peanut butter and chocolate are the number one couple! Check out the other 29 products listed in this article that appeared in All of the “couples” were independently selected by their editors.

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Check out Kasama Chocolate, an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate company in Vancouver!

Kasama chocolate bars


Kasama Chocolate is an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate company, based in Vancouver, that was born in late 2015. Unlike chocolatiers, who work with pre-made chocolate, Kasama makes chocolate from scratch, straight from the bean, a process involving many steps, including sorting, roasting, winnowing, conching/refining, tempering, molding, and hand wrapping each bar. Kasama Chocolate focuses on using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients and sources beans from many parts of the world, generally from small farms, to highlight the diverse flavours found in fine cacao, and frequently incorporates ingredients from other local makers. Visit their website at,

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Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Introduces New Chocolate Mascarpone and 6 Ways to Enjoy It

Chocolate mascarpone


Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Mascarpone takes you to another level with their innovative new Chocolate Mascarpone. It’s a stellar dessert just waiting to happen. Crave Brothers Chocolate Mascarpone is a velvety cheese made by combining fresh sweet cream from the Crave Brothers Farm with chocolate Irish crème. The alcohol-free flavor of classic Irish cream liqueur makes Chocolate Mascarpone suitable for chocolate fans of all ages. You can enjoy it as a stand-alone cheese for dessert cheese boards at your next party, or make it your new go-to ingredient for simply sensational desserts. Check out some tips for using, here.


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Costco Sells Huge 1-Pound Tubs Of Chocolate Dip That Are Totally Plant-Based

Costco chocolate tub dip


Sometimes the craving for chocolate hits and you just need a little something—or a lot of something—to hold you over. That’s where this one-pound tub of chocolate dip from Costco comes in, and better yet, it’s totally plant-based. Bigger is better when it comes to snacking, and this chocolate dip is just one example of that. It’s made from cashews and almonds, so it’s dairy-free and non-GMO. The ingredient list is pretty clean, too, as it uses the aforementioned nuts, cane sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, agave nectar, natural vanilla flavor, and sea salt. This dip can be used for just about anything, whether you want to dip pretzels or fruit into it or would rather use it as a spread on toast or cupcakes is up to you. The consistency looks like it would be an easy substitution for frosting if you want to try out a plant-based alternative there. Each one-pound container costs $7.69 and the label suggests you eat it within a week of opening it for the best quality.


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Butterfly Cannon Designs New Brand Identity for Montezuma’s Chocolates

Montezumas chocolates


Butterfly Cannon has created a big chunk of quirky, sustainable & delicious fun with their brand redesign for Montezuma’s Chocolates. Montezuma’s Chocolates was born out of its founders, Helen and Simon’s love affair with Latin America and the extraordinary chocolate they found on their travels there. Since setting up shop in Brighton to make their own handmade chocolates in a multitude of flavors, using only ethically sourced ingredients, Montezuma’s Chocolates’ business had grown organically. With increased investment and an ambitious plan for growth beyond their own stores, they tasked Butterfly Cannon to re-focus the brand’s purpose and re-think its creative platform and visual identity on pack to attract a more urban ethical consumer. The result is a versatile and infinitely adaptable branding system that proves Montezuma’s ever-expanding product range. Check out their new look and products on Montezuma’s website (click here).


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This Kailua Chocolate Company Launches New Hawaii Flavors


The company, Manoa Chocolate,  is launching its Flavor of Hawaii series, featuring three new flavors: banana, coconut and lilikoi (passion fruit). The coconut one is vegan, just FYI. This summer the company will release another new chocolate bar made with cacao nibs infused with local whiskey from Koʻolau Distillery in Kailua. Hawaii is the only state with a climate suitable for growing cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate. Check out their website, which includes a virtual factory tour, at

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Chocolate care packages for you or a loved one

Chocolate care packages


If chocolate is your cure-all, consider buying a care package for yourself or as a gift for someone else from Black Dinah Chocolatiers of Westbrook, Maine. “We were thinking of ways to appeal to different people,” says Kate Shaffer, who owns the company with her husband, Steve, so they came up with three new care packages that will make being stuck at home more palatable. For more info, click here.

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Hu Vegan & Paleo Chocolate Is Our New Comfort Food Obsession

Hu Vegan Chocolate bars


As reported by Carley Milne on E!News, they have a notorious sweet tooth, but they also have dietary restrictions. No dairy. No refined sugar. No junky ingredients that cause gastrointestinal distress. Which pretty much cuts out all the good chocolate…or so they thought, until they met Hu Chocolate. Hu, which comes from the phrase “Food For Humans,” created their chocolate offerings with a philosophy in mind: namely, that food can be delicious with simple, high-quality ingredients that help people get back to living, eating and thriving like humans. All of their offerings are vegan, paleo, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher, with no refined sugar, cane sugar or sugar alcohols, among other questionable additives. And every item features an ingredient list you can actually read and understand. To check out the varieties and more details, click here.

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The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar Is Worth Every Penny, according to Robb Report

TOAK expensive chocolates


More than a century ago, Ecuador was the world’s largest exporter of cacao, with one native varietal in particular—nacional—serving as its calling card. Unfortunately, a fungal disease arrived in Ecuador in 1916 and started decimating the cacao trees, until the point people believed the varietal was lost entirely. About 12 years ago, it was found again, deep in the rainforest. After confirming through genetic testing that nacional was alive and well, To’ak started using it to make chocolate from bean to bar, with a focus on expressing the terroir of the region. According to ROBB REPORT, it’s worth every penny! Check it out at

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You Can Have As Much Chocolate As Your Heart Desires at This Belgian Chocolate Factory

Neuhaus chocolate factory


Some people can’t get enough chocolate. Luckily, at one Belgian chocolate factory, you can eat as much as you like. According to Metro, Journalist Jon Stone discovered a chocolate paradise in Brussels that would make Willy Wonka jealous. While visiting the Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Factory, he found out that visitors can actually gorge themselves as much as they like while they’re on the premises — free of charge. There are a couple rules: First, you may only sample chocolates while in the factory. Hoarding the chocolate and eating it later is not allowed. Second, all boxed and sealed chocolates are off-limits (but available for purchase). The factory is located, as Stone noted, in Brussels (technically Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) at the end of the 5 Metro Line at the Erasme Metro station if you’re traveling by public transit.

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You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes, Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day

Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes


In a sure sign that spring is in the air, Hostess is bringing back their limited-edition mint chocolate cupcakes just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The mint chocolate cupcakes are made with a traditional Hostess chocolate cupcake, but instead of white icing, they come with pale mint green frosting and are filled with minty green cream. The cupcakes are sold in multipacks for around $2.99 a box nationwide at grocery stores like Walmart. A Hostess representative told us they will only be around until March 15 or while supplies last, so bring them home while you can!

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19 unique chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day that go beyond the traditional box of sweets


Chocolate is one of the most beloved foodstuffs on earth, making it a great choice for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you want to treat the chocolate fan in your life to something sweet this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box when shopping for the chocolate fiend in your life with these 19 clever gift ideas. Check them all out at the Valentine’s Day gift guide, click here.

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Jacques Torres Valentine’s Day Chocolate— For Those Who Don’t Take The Whole Thing Too Seriously


Of course love is a serious matter. But didn’t you also fall for your significant other because of their terrific sense of humor? If love and laughs go together in your life, you should plan on gifting one of Jacques Torres’ delightfully amusing chocolate treats. Click, here, to see “Love Stinks” as well as many other chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts.