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Baskin-Robbins Rings in 2021 with a New Trio of Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream Bliss

BR triple chocolate ice cream


After a year like 2020, Baskin-Robbins wants you to embrace your love for chocolate and indulge in a decadent chocolate experience with Baskin-Robbins’ January Flavor of the Month, Chocolate Trilogy, that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. A delightfully unique flavor with white, Belgian and malted chocolate-flavored ice cream, Chocolate Trilogy is an explosion of chocolatey goodness, swirled to creamy perfection. A match made in ice cream heaven, each unforgettable spoonful brings together the toasted, earthy notes of malted chocolate flavor, the buttery, sweet flavor of white chocolate, and the classically delicious, milky flavor of Belgian chocolate. If you are a chocoholic, this decadent flavor will be at the top of your list to indulge in.

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