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S’mores Hot Chocolate Bomb

S'mores hot chocolate bomb

Hot chocolate bombs are the new way to enjoy the beverage — here’s how to make them! Move over coffee ice! TikTok has given the world another hot, new trend and this time, it’s the tastiest way to usher in cooler weather! Social media enthusiasts are ditching cocoa powder mixes and taking hot cocoa to the next level this season with hot chocolate bombs. But what exactly are they? Hot chocolate bombs are pretty simple. Each bomb is a hollow chocolate sphere that’s filled with mini marshmallows and cocoa mix. You put the chocolate orb into an empty mug and pour hot milk on top until the chocolate begins to melt. When the chocolate shell begins to melt into the milk, the marshmallows from the interior float to the surface. After a quick stir, you’ve got yourself the perfect sweet treat! Here’s a recipe for “S’mores Hot Chocolate Bomb! Click, here, for other recipes for “The Bomb”!

Cathy Ortiz’s S’mores Hot Chocolate Bomb


Compound chocolate
Graham crackers
S’mores hot cocoa mix
Mini marshmallows


Melt your compound chocolate in a bowl (if you’re an expert, you can also temper the chocolate).
Brush your silicone mold with two coats of chocolate and let it dry.
After they’ve dried, remove the hardened halves from their mold and heat the edges of one side with a hot plate so the rim is melted and even.
Put a tablespoon of s’mores hot cocoa mix inside that half of the sphere along with as many marshmallows as you can fit (toasting optional, but recommended).
Heat the rim of the second half on a hot plate and connect both halves together so it forms a complete sphere.
Melt more of the chocolate compound and put it into a piping bag. Drizzle chocolate on top of the dried hot cocoa bomb and top off with some finely grated graham crackers for the full s’mores effect.

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