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The trendy hot chocolate bomb you can get at Costco!

Hot chocolate bomb


There’s a new trend spreading across TikTok, and it has everything to do with one of the best classic drinks of the winter holiday season. These trendy hot chocolate bombs from Costco are already getting people excited for a mug. It’s the perfect way to snuggle up for a cozy winter night. Whether you prefer hot chocolate or hot cocoa, this product combines both into one, and it’s oh-so-satisfying to watch. Those who love a good bath bomb will love this new Costco item — which is essentially an edible version — even more. Glamour states that the Cocoa Bombs are simply chocolate spheres that melt in warm milk. Once the chocolate subsides, it releases hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and other flavors and treats into your mug. It’s certainly a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy a chocolatey beverage. According to Delish, each 16-count box is only $19, making them a little more than $1 each. Each bomb is festively wrapped in red, green, gold, or silver foil, so these small treats could be the perfect hostess gift to stock up on before the holiday season begins. Though you might think it’s hard to beat classic hot cocoa, there are actually a few different flavors in the boxes of bombs. The variety box includes flavors such as milk chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, and s’mores. The only thing you might want to pick up to add to your cup once it’s all mixed together is some whipped cream.

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