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Butterfly Cannon Designs New Brand Identity for Montezuma’s Chocolates

Montezumas chocolates


Butterfly Cannon has created a big chunk of quirky, sustainable & delicious fun with their brand redesign for Montezuma’s Chocolates. Montezuma’s Chocolates was born out of its founders, Helen and Simon’s love affair with Latin America and the extraordinary chocolate they found on their travels there. Since setting up shop in Brighton to make their own handmade chocolates in a multitude of flavors, using only ethically sourced ingredients, Montezuma’s Chocolates’ business had grown organically. With increased investment and an ambitious plan for growth beyond their own stores, they tasked Butterfly Cannon to re-focus the brand’s purpose and re-think its creative platform and visual identity on pack to attract a more urban ethical consumer. The result is a versatile and infinitely adaptable branding system that proves Montezuma’s ever-expanding product range. Check out their new look and products on Montezuma’s website (click here).


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