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  Stuffed Puffs is turning S’mores on their heads, or really inside out! Chocolate’s on the inside of marshmallow so the chocolate melts in the middle when roasting over the fire. Less items to buy, ...
Singles Chocolate


  When the beau’s away, it’s time to play, and to indulge like nobody is watching. Whether you fancy peanut butter or salted caramel straight out of the jar, stacks and stacks of saltine crackers ...
1892 Chocolate bars

1892 Chocolates – from Ecuador, by way of New Jersey

  Named for the era when Ecuador was widely recognized as a major producer of cacao, 1892 Chocolate bars are made with single-origin organic cacao from Ecuador and comes in eight flavors, including mango, coffee ...
dino hot chocolate 2

Dino Dig Hot Chocolate

  Caramelized white chocolate dinosaur bones (with cocoa nibs for extra crunch) are buried inside hot chocolate soil. Complete dinosaur skeleton in every box! This clever treat buries chocolate dinosaur "bones" in hot cocoa mix ...
Chocolate tea

Stash Tea Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea

  There's nothing like a relaxing, warm beverage. And there's really nothing like a cup of Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea from Stash for warming you up and calming you down at the end of a ...