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The Advent of a Totally New Category of Chocolate – SWEET DARK CHOCOLATE


Macalat is Made Organic and Without Sugar or Bitterness — A Fermented Mushroom Extract is the Secret Ingredient. Certified Organic, Sugar-Free, 70% Peruvian Cacao, Plant-Based, Zero-Net Carbs, and No Coconut Sugar. Bitter Free. How is that possible? Macalat is a first-of-its-kind, sweet, velvety smooth 70% couverture dark chocolate. Organic Heirloom Peruvian Cacao formulated with other superfood inclusions: Maca, Lucuma, Vanilla, Monk Fruit, and Cinnamon, which result in Macalat’s gentle caramel-like sweetness. The final touch is a marvelous mushroom extract that assures a smooth sweet finish, without the least bit of bitter. The Chocolate Wizardry is self-evident as Macalat melts and swirls in your mouth, releasing and revealing a symphony of chocolate flavor in all its super goodness. Made without Coconut Sugar.

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