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Dr. Bronner’s releases Peppermint Cream Magic All-One Chocolate Bar

Dr. Bronner chocolate bar

This fall, Dr. Bronner’s is launching a new flavor of its delicious, organic, fair trade, and vegan Magic All-One Chocolate pairing organic peppermint with 70% dark chocolate and sweetened with lower-glycemic coconut sugar. The latest offering—Cool Peppermint Cream—delivers a lively, lightly sweet mint taste alongside a decadent cocoa experience featuring a unique blend of cocoa from Ghana and Ivory Coast, coconut sugar from Indonesia, cocoa butter from Congo, and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Dr. Bronner’s Cool Peppermint Cream Magic All-One Chocolate flavor was created to honor the company’s legacy of peppermint products and its socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. All of Dr. Bronner’s chocolate, now available in seven flavors, is made from cocoa beans grown using regenerative organic farming practices that have lasting positive impacts on farmers, their communities, and the land. Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Chocolate was created to address and model solutions to the ecological and social harm prevalent in the conventional chocolate industry.

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