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How to make ONE ingredient chocolate mousse

1 ingredient chocolate mousse

A cookbook author and pilates instructor has shared how to make a mouthwatering chocolate mousse using one ingredient. Amy from Melbourne, who goes by Amy Lee Active online, uses her favorite block of quality chocolate and boiling water to create the tasty dessert.

Amy begins by breaking up a block of her favorite quality chocolate and placing it into a heat proof bowl. The chocolate must have a cocoa content of 60% or more. Next she pours three quarter cups of boiling water directly on top of the chocolate, then begin whisking the water and chocolate together. Continue whisking until all of the chocolate has melted and the consistency resembles ‘thickened cream’. Next she whips the mixture with an electric mixing device over a bowl of ice until it is thick and creamy, this will take eight to 10 minutes. Finally Amy pipes the chocolate mousse into a glass and tops it with dark chocolate shavings and strawberries.

As posted on DAILYMAIL.CO.UK. Click HERE to watch the video of how it’s made.

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