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For High-Quality Baking, You Need the Best Chocolate Chips

best chocolate chips for baking

Gathered, were pounds and pounds of chocolate chips, callets, mini-grammes, feves, discs, and more, from industry-leading brands based on recommendations from other pros, previous experience with the brands, and some best-selling brands widely available in most grocery stores. To test, a panel of tasters were offered raw chips straight from the container to taste blind and gathered their feedback. Then baked the offerings from every brand in batches of chocolate chip cookies (somewhere in the realm of about 600 cookies, total). Each batch of cookies was prepared identically, with ingredients weighed to the gram each time to remove any variation. The cookies were presented to tasters while still slightly warm (the best way to have a cookie!). In both tastings, the tasters provided feedback, including tasting notes and texture, and each taster was asked to vote on their favorites. After compiling their feedback, here’s how each brand did (click HERE).

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