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Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds Are The Most Satisfying Sweet And Salty Snack

Blue Diamond chocolate almonds

These almonds are simply dusted with a light cocoa powder, making them different than those chocolate-coated almonds that come in boxes near the checkout line at the grocery store. While those are delicious, they’re really more chocolate than almond. Blue Diamond’s dark chocolate almonds, on the other hand, actually just taste like almonds with a light cocoa taste. They’re great for people who don’t have much of a sweet tooth but occasionally want just a bit of chocolate. They also feel less like a dessert and more acceptable as a mid-day (or morning, or night) snack. They’re versatile. While good alone, they also make a light, crunchy add-on to a lot of favorite foods. They taste amazing chopped up in some yogurt and granola, or on top of ice cream or tossed into oatmeal. Not only are these filling—just a small handful staves away late-afternoon cravings—but they’re also incredibly satisfying. They have a tiny bit of sea salt sprinkled on them, so the sweet-salty taste gives the same satisfaction that chocolate covered pretzels do.

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