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Guittard Chocolate Company Announces Launch of New “Mindful Choices” Chocolate

Guittard Mindful Choices Chocolate


Family-owned Guittard Chocolate Company, the San Francisco-based premium chocolate company with a more than 150-year history of crafting exceptional chocolate and cocoa, announces the launch of its new Mindful Choices chocolate—a new line designed to unite the artistry of chocolate with evolving dietary awareness. The new Mindful Choices collection introduces Beyond Sugar, an innovative new series of chocolate crafted with sugar alternatives, and includes Absolute Chocolate, a selection of classic Guittard products that celebrate cacao’s naturally bold character. The new line aims to expand possibilities in both flavor and function while providing solutions to customers interested in suiting a wide range of dietary preferences and needs. Guittard’s Mindful Choices line will be available for purchase directly through Guittard and its distributors beginning in September 2020. Click, here, to see various options.

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