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Hu Vegan & Paleo Chocolate Is Our New Comfort Food Obsession

Hu Vegan Chocolate bars


As reported by Carley Milne on E!News, they have a notorious sweet tooth, but they also have dietary restrictions. No dairy. No refined sugar. No junky ingredients that cause gastrointestinal distress. Which pretty much cuts out all the good chocolate…or so they thought, until they met Hu Chocolate. Hu, which comes from the phrase “Food For Humans,” created their chocolate offerings with a philosophy in mind: namely, that food can be delicious with simple, high-quality ingredients that help people get back to living, eating and thriving like humans. All of their offerings are vegan, paleo, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher, with no refined sugar, cane sugar or sugar alcohols, among other questionable additives. And every item features an ingredient list you can actually read and understand. To check out the varieties and more details, click here.

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