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White Chocolate Peanut M&M’s Finally on Shelves

CBS Philly The company says the M&M’s White Chocolate Peanut will feature peanuts surrounded by rich white chocolate and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful shells.

Wine, Beer and Chocolate, Eating and Drinking These Foods Linked to Living Longer


Consuming food and drink with anti-inflammatory properties could lower a person’s risk of dying, according to a study. Anti-inflammatory food and drink highlighted by researchers included vegetables, fruit, whole-grain bread, breakfast cereal, low-fat cheese, olive and canola oil, nuts, chocolate, tea and coffee.

Makers of Healthier Chocolate Look to Challenge the Industry

Food Dive

At Expo East, founders at organic chocolate companies said their better-for-you treats are beginning to take a bite out of the traditional industry.

93 Year Old Iowa Man Gives to His Community One Chocolate Bar at a Time

LONG GROVE, Iowa — Bob Williams has spent the last 10 years connecting to strangers, one chocolate bar at a time. To date, Williams has given out almost 6,000 Hershey’s bars to people in his community. His reason is simple – to bring the people around him closer together.


CBS Sacramento

A new study is showing there’s a reason to indulge in some chocolate.