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So What is “Ruby Chocolate”?

THE DALLAS NEWS   Pink isn’t a color that comes to mind when we think of chocolate. But a new, smoky rose-colored variety called “ruby chocolate” made its U.S. debut in Dallas, this summer, selling a ruby chocolate line from Prestat, the London chocolatier favored by Britain’s royal family. As described in THE DAILY MEAL, Chicago-based Vosges haut-Chocolat will start shipping orders this month. Also check out DAME CACAO for what ruby chocolate is and where to buy it.

Hershey Fights Higher Costs by Charging More for Chocolate


Chocolate maker Hershey says price increases, ‘hot cocoa’ Kisses and a thinner Reese’s peanut butter cup will help boost sales next year.

Chocolate has been around for millennia. New research suggests it’s even older than we thought.

As archaeologists have generally understood it, chocolate goes back to the Aztec and Mayan people, who first domesticated cacao in what’s now Central America about 3,900 years ago. But new research suggests it’s older than that — about 1,500 years older. And it didn’t originate in Central America, either.

Cadbury Stockpiling Chocolate in Advance of Possible Brexit Creme Eggs Shortage

The Takeout

Good news, English chocolate fans: Cadbury CEO is looking ahead to the future in advance of possible food shortages associated with Brexit.

White Chocolate Peanut M&M’s Finally on Shelves

CBS Philly

The company says the M&M’s White Chocolate Peanut will feature peanuts surrounded by rich white chocolate and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful shells.