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5 Foods That Help Fight Disease, According To a Doctor

RACHEL And Chocolate is one of them! Research has shown that you can actually drink dark chocolate as hot cocoa. As long as it’s 70% dark chocolate (or higher), melting it down and mixing with the milk of your choice is good for you. “If you drink two of these a day, it will actually double the number of stem cells in your bloodstream, which improves regeneration.”

Mars Wrigley is hiring a paid intern who will sample unreleased chocolate and candy and receive a year’s worth of treats as a bonus


Mars Wrigley is hiring a paid intern who will receive a year’s worth of candy! They will be able to sample unreleased products at trips to manufacturing sites. They will also help organize events to “give back to the community.”

Does eating a few squares of dark chocolate a day improve blood pressure?


Check out the study and report, here, and decide for yourself!

Chocolate is a big no-no for your doggo


As Easter approaches we can all feel the excitement building or the big weekend, because we know there will soon be a day we can eat as much chocolate as we desire and no one will bat an eyelid. Among the enjoyment of hot cross buns for breakfast and Easter egg hunts with the family, we can often forget one very important thing – just how toxic chocolate can be to dogs.

Chocolate Seder gives the story of Passover a sugar high


When Rabbi Laura Boenisch was a kid she envied her non-Jewish friends gorge on solid chocolate Easter bunnies and cream-filled chocolate eggs while she nibbled on dry matzo at Passover. She has put an end to such childhood jealousies by creating a chocolate Sedar, with all the symbolic foods of Sedar made of chocolate, including a chocolate Sedar plate and even mention of chocolate in the Sedar service!