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Levain cookie

Levain Bakery introduces fall chocolate chunk cookie

New York City’s iconic Levain Bakery is introducing a brand-new cookie for the change in seasons. The Fall Chocolate Chunk, which released on Wednesday, September 14, was created with hints of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and ...
Jewish bakeries NYC

13 Top Jewish Bakeries in NYC

From babkas to black and white cookies, and challah to honey cakes, few food cultures are as emblematic of New York as Jewish baked goods. This bakery scene in NYC reflects the many Jewish communities ...
Vegan chocolate bars

8 of the best vegan chocolate bars you need to try today

Let’s be honest, who can resist a square or two (or three) of deliciously creamy chocolate? The editors of certainly can’t! But people often wonder ‘is chocolate vegan?‘ – you’ll be happy to know ...
Best chocolate bars

The Best Chocolate Bars

Whether it's dark, milk, white, or filled with nuts, almost everyone loves a quality chocolate bar! If you're among that chocolate-loving crowd, take a look at this roundup of the best chocolate bars found. ...
semi-sweet vs. bitter-sweet

Semi-Sweet Vs Bittersweet Chocolate: What’s The Difference?

If you want to make a people-pleasing dessert, chocolate is the star ingredient you're looking for. We shave it into ice cream, powder it into our milkshakes, turn it into syrup for our Sundays, and ...